Earth Drill

Drilling Diameter (max)

 450 mm

Torque (max)

800 Nm

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Short description

Hydraulic earth drill “TORSION” is designed for drilling holes in soils of various densities, reliable in operation and unpretentious in maintenance. The reliability of the hydraulic drive compared to mechanical, allows you to operate the equipment in difficult conditions for a long time. To work with Hydraulic earth drill, 2 people are required.


1) Hydraulic earth drill Torsion has a reverse. This allows you to turn on the reverse rotation at the moment when the auger bit during the drilling process. Such an option can not boast of petrol drills;

2) The ability to adjust the torque. This option makes it possible to work even on the most difficult soils;

3) Reliability. A hydraulic tool has high reliability in operation, so it’s best to use a hydraulic drive to drill holes in the ground.

  • Drilling Diameter (max) -------------------------------------------------------------- 450 mm

  • Categories of Soils Possible for Drilling -------------------------------------------- I, II, III

  • Torque (nominal) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 400 Nm

  • Torque (max) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 800 Nm

  • Output shaft rotation speed, (maximum) ---------------------------------------- 170 rpm

  • Oil system hydraulic pressure (maximum) --------------------------------------- 160 bar

  • Reversible auger rotation -------------------------------------------------------------------  Yes

  • The possibility of using an extension cord ----------------------------------------------  Yes

  • Permissible screw diameters for use ---------------------------------------  40-450 mm

  • Drilling depth ---------------------------------------------------------------------  up to 3 meters

  • Operating conditions -------------------------------------------------- -15°С...+40°С

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