(for lifting)

Weight with a winch

 100 kg

Maximum screw pile length

4 m

on request *

* Price for the basic configuration


Short description

The tripod "TORSION" is designed to raise, hold and lower the hydraulic tool - hydraulic rotator used in the installation of screw piles. The maximum pile length when working with a tripod is 4,000 mm.
The tripod has compact dimensions in the transport position, which ensures trouble-free transportation to the place of work.
The tripod consists of three telescopic racks with height adjustment. Racks are interconnected by an arm. Block suspension mounted on the bracket.



1) Tripod reduces the complexity of lifting the hydraulic rotator together with a screw pile before starting the screwing process;

2) Ability to work on complex terrain with significant deviations.


It is FORBIDDEN to use a tripod to move flammable and explosive, toxic and caustic goods, transport people, and also to work in explosive and fire hazardous environments, in rooms saturated with fumes of acids, alkalis and other substances that lead to metal corrosion.

  • Weight with a winch -------------------------------------------------------------------- 100 kg

  • Carrying capacity (no more) ---------------------------------------------------------- 130 kg

  • Maximum screw pile length ------------------------------------------------------- 4000 mm

  • Dimensions in transport condition (LхWхH)  ------------- 3500х550х530 mm

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